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HEART TO HEART was founded largely to address the problems caused by feral cats and dogs in Billings, MT. We remain committed to that original goal and offer several ways to assist you if you are concerned about feral animals living on or near your property. While the primary focus of this page is on feral cats and the use of TNR (trap, neuter, return), we are aware of the feral dog problem in our community (especially as it affects SunnyVale), and we are working with our local partners on ways to address it. If you are concerned about stray or feral dogs, don't hesitate to contact our shelter; the staff will be happy to discuss options with you. 

Let's protect and rescue animals.

"Let's come together to promote the spirit of protecting and rescuing animals, especially dogs and cats, our loyal companions. Every year, thousands of them are abandoned, facing pain and countless uncertainties. We have a responsibility to safeguard these voiceless beings.

The Stories

Every year, the HEART TO HEART takes in almost 2,000 animals, most of which are cats and kittens. A person would not think that the shelter’s work is seasonal, but historically, the summer months have proven brutal, with hundreds of animals entering the shelter system daily. Many well-intended residents begin feeding feral/wild cats that wander on their property but quickly become overwhelmed with the number of cats once they begin reproducing. Many cats and kittens eventually surrender themselves to the local animal shelters. To assist our city residents from finding themselves in the situations described above, the Suffolk Board of Commissioners has teamed up with the HEART TO HEART to have these animals spayed and neutered before overwhelming the residents.

Remember, adopting a pet is a long-term commitment, and providing love and care to your new dog and cat will make a significant impact on their well-being. Enjoy the journey of creating a loving and harmonious family with your furry companions!

What We Do

- Receiving and rescuing abandoned animals wandering on the streets: Every day, our volunteers patrol roads and public areas to search for and rescue wild dogs and cats. . Lucky dogs and cats found will be brought to the center for health examination, bathing and medical care.
- Searching for adoptive families: The staff will try to find suitable and compassionate families to adopt the children. We always prioritize families who have the conditions to truly love and care for their children.
- Advocate for adoption instead of buying and selling: Through propaganda activities, we urge people to adopt animals from centers instead of buying and selling. The trade encourages illegal animal trafficking.
- Educate and propagate animal protection: The Center regularly organizes talks at schools and the community on the issue of loving, protecting and properly caring for animals. We want to spread love and awareness of animal protection to the community.
- Temporary fostering: Rescue dogs and cats will be temporarily fostered at the center while waiting to receive new families. Here they are given nutritional care, hygiene, care and play every day.

Our Activities


Dogs and cats are adopted and have new families


Dogs and cats are rescued




2023 - 2024
Calling people to abandon constantly, continuously torture, and continuously hurt dogs and cats. Calling and connecting people for the goal of caring for and loving dogs and cats like family members
2024 - 2025
Looking for like-minded members to help dogs and cats abandoned by their owners.

2025 - 2026
Continue to connect the community for a common goal: Love dogs and cats like family members.

HEART TO HEART is a non-profit organization working for a noble purpose - animal protection. Although newly established, we have received great attention and support from sponsors and benefactors at home and abroad.

- Caring for and nurturing rescue dogs and cats requires significant costs for food, medicine, and daily necessities. With initially limited financial resources, we encountered many difficulties in ensuring the best possible living conditions for the children.

- However, our sponsors have been with us since the first days of establishment. They are hearts of gold, always ready to help to maintain the Center's activities. Some sponsors donate monthly to cover the children's food and health care costs. Some benefactors donate necessary items such as barns, medicine, and household appliances for the children.

- Thanks to the contributions of our sponsors, the Center's animal rescue and nurturing work is maintained stably. We can rest assured of caring for the children's meals and health. That helps us fulfill our mission of protecting animals in the best way.

- Once again, we would like to send our sincere thanks to all our sponsors. Your contribution greatly encourages us to persevere in pursuing this meaningful work. We affirm that we will effectively use all your contributions to bring the best possible life to dogs and cats who deserve happiness.

- Once again, thank you sincerely for the generosity of our sponsors!


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Email: info@fhthar.org

Address: 135 Monarch ST, Billings, Montana 59101 US

EIN: 83-3761032
Our organization is based on Christian principles and dedicated to making a difference in the lives 01 the poor, from children to seniors, through meeting their basic needs and reducing their daily struggles, bringing the joy of Christmas to the kids living in poverty, investing into education of the underprivileged youth and helping them to succeed and become productive members of society.

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